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Larssen Sheet Piles

Larssen sheet piles

Larssen Sheet Piles are Excellent Solution to:

  • prevent landslides;
  • strengthen dunes and dams;
  • build different enclosures;
  • prepare trenches and dig foundations;
  • strengthen banks of rivers, ponds, lakes, canals;
  • etc.


Larssen sheet pile sections are light but strong and durable.


After the job is done it is easy to dismantle Larssen sheet piles by vibrating them out of the ground. They can be reused after proper inspection.

Essential Advantages of Larssen Sheet Piles:

  • Excellent ratio of weight and strength;
  • Great degree of watertightness;
  • Different pile sizes and profiles;
  • Low cost and simplicity in exploitation.

"Berlin" Type Retaining Walls

"Berlin" type retaining walls can be used both for short-term fortification during the building process and for long-lasting structures as well.


"Berlin" type of retaining wall is created by constructing soldier piles at regular intervals and then installing timber laggings or different material for longterm projects.


Soldier pile and lagging walls are the most inexpensive systems compared to other retaining walls. They are also very easy and fast to construct. The major advantages of soldier pile walls are:

Soldier piles are fast to construct.


Soldier pile construction is cheaper when compared to other systems.


Soldier pile installation is versatile and adjustments can be made in the field easily to accommodate changes.


Lagging construction can be very quick.


Construction of soldier pile and lagging walls does not require very advanced construction techniques.


H type piles

H-type piles

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Reliable Support for Work in Trenches

PVC and Hybrid Sheet Piles

PVC Sheet Piles — Elasticity and Low Price


Vinyl (Or PVC) Sheet Piles Are A Great Choice For They Are:

  • Significantly lighter than ordinary metal sheet piles;
  • Price is significantly lower;
  • PVC sheet piles do not crack, do not rust, are resistant to sea water and UV rays;
  • PVC sheet piles are characterized by excellent mechanical properties.


Vinyl Sheet Piles Most Often Are Used To:

  • River, lake, canal bank protection form corrosion;
  • Bank strengthening before deepening of riverbed;
  • Protection  against landslides;
  • Dam construction;
  • Demarcation of territory;
  • Road building;
  • Isolation of wet areas;
  • To limit filtration of underground waters;
  • All kinds of retention needs.

Hybrid Sheet Piles — PVC Benefits With Steel Strength


Hybrid sheet piles are produced from PVC and fiberglass, thus

acquiring material with strength and durability of steel and all benefits and advantages of PVC.


Hybrid sheet piles do not rust or crack. They are not affected by sea water, temperature fluctuations or UV radiation.

hybrid pvc sheet piles

Hybrid sheet piles

rievpāļu uzstādīšana ar Movax tehnoloģiju

Wonderpile uses world famous and innovative Movax technology.


Advantages of Movax are high productivity and low requirements for work-zone accessibility because hydraulic pile driver is mounted on 27 ton excavator which can easily access difficult sites.


Movax side-grip pile driver is characterized by precision and it is also used for extracting piles out of the ground.

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Benefits of Sheet Piles



In most types of soils sheet piles can be installed without using expensive and sophisticated equipment and that means significantly reduced ans so much more sensible costs.

Quote "Simplicity is the trademark of genius" completely refers to sheet piles, "Berlin" type of retaining walls and especially to hybrid-piles. Build what you wish. With sheet piles it's real simple.

Easy Access


Wonderpile installs sheet piles by using Movax technology that is mounted on excavator. Therefore there is no hassle with arranging access for heavy and expensive equipment to the work site. Any place excavator can access you can install sheet piles.

Simplicity in installation and extraction is the reason behind the uniqueness of sheet piles. When project phase is finished, sheet pile can be easily pulled out. And reused after careful inspection.


Wide Usability

The secret weapon of a sheet pile is its side key with help of which piles unite together in monolith wall. Precision to the millimeter is the best characteristic of a sheet pile.

Use cases of sheet piles is limited only by your imagination and because of comparatively simple installation process they can be used practically anywhere and for any purpose.

Wide Selection


Sheet piles are from metal, PVC and PVC strengthened with fiberglass. These hybrid sheet piles sport both strength of a metal and benefits of PVC. All sheet piles are available in different sizes and profiles.

Sheet piles are widely used in hydro-technical construction for example in strengthening water-banks, docs and piers, in creation of coffer-dams, hermetic ramps and collectors.



The strength of steel is legendary but both vinyl and hybrid sheet piles possess excellent characteristics. For example, they are biologically resistant, they do not rust and crack, they are durable against scratches and UV radiation. Even sea water and temperature fluctuations can not harm them.

Significant advantage of vinyl and hybrid sheet piles is lightness. Therefore they are more easy to transport, assemble, install and if necessary — extract.



Wonderpile possess all good features of sheet piles — we are trustworthy, sustainability, precision, durability, strength, wide usability, speed and reasonable price. We keep our promises and all jobs we undertake we fulfill with integrity.

You can easily rely on professionalism and experience of Wonderpile. We will assess specific need of your project and recommend the most viable technical and cost effective solution.

excavator with Movax SG75V

We Drive Piles With Movax SG75V

  • Pile length – up to 16 meters;
  • High frequency pile driver with variable eccentric moment. Disturbances of the surrounding environment is minimized by operating at a high frequency and thus avoiding an oscillation of the soil and the surrounding structures at their natural frequencies;
  • Capable of driving a wide range of piles including sheet piles, H-piles, tubular steel piles, wooden piles and other pile sections;
  • Able to carry out extremely complicated and resource-demanding tasks.

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At Your Service:


  • 27 ton excavator paired with Movax SG50 for easy soils.


  • 40 ton excavator with Movax SG75V for more complicated tasks.
Erkat earth drilling
  • Up to 12 meters deep.
  • Diameter 300mm.
  • Our cutter can drill even dolomyte.


When there are buildings nearby and it is impossible to drive sheet piles due to excessive vibration, or hard soil, like dolomite, is an obstacle, Wonderpile has a solution in the form of ERKAT ADU 1500 earth drill.

It is much more easy to install sheet piles or H shaped soldier piles when soil is broken up with a cutter.

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Advantages of Sheet Piles

Low requirements for accessibility of work-zone

Prevents landslides

Fortifies banks from erosion and creates water-barrier

Easy to disassemble when needed

We use world-famous Movax technology

Can create hydro-resistant basins

Sheet piles — economical, fast, convenient, simple solution in many situations

By using H shaped soldier piles "Berlin" type of retaining wall can be created fast.

Professional Equipment


Skillful Workmen


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Larssen sheet piles are widely applicable, they are practical and in many cases they are economically most reasonable solution. Larssen sheet piles and Wonderpile is excellent partners.

We drive piles.

Earth Drilling

Sheet pile driving using Movax technology





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Wonderpile is closely related to Demontāža.lv, which beautifies the world by dismantling ruins and old buildings already for many years. Same family — same quality and reliability.




Key features:


  • Deep, wide and comfortable working space;
  • Depth up to 10 meters;
  • Low-vibration installation, minimal impact on surrounding soil;
  • Particularly strong horizontal coupling elements;
  • Ideal for jobs in urban areas;
  • Unique, proprietary system.

Installing Sheet piles in New Hanza City

H type piles
hybrid pvc sheet piles
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